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Newburyport, MA


Red wins the title!


The Red team capped off an undefeated season by defeating Maroon/Green 62–35 on Saturday to claim the Winter Rec League trophy. 


Mike O'Donnell led Red in scoring and Max Passon made four three-pointers to lead the Maroon/Green team.


Congratulations to Red and thanks to all players who participated in the Rec League this season. 


Hopefully all of the players will be back in early July for the summer version of the Rec League.


Playoff results


Championship game 

Red defeated Green/Maroon, 62–35


Round 2: Wednesday, 6 March, Newburyport High School

Red defeated Grey, 69–63

Green/Maroon beat Blue, 59–50


Round 1: Saturday, 2 March, Hope Community Church


Grey defeated Yellow/Orange, 44–35 

Blue topped Black, 67–39

Red and Green/Maroon earned a bye as the top two seeds.


Final Rec League regular-season standings:

1: Red

2: Green/Maroon

3: Blue

4: Grey

5: Yellow/Orange

6: Black



Black  Grey   Blue
Harry Blackman Owen Phipps   Conner Goodwin
Riley Baker Will Davis    Trevor Cody
Patrick Cassino Jack Foley   Calvin Corsaro
Duncan Dener Calvin Gorski   Trent Markey
Aiden Guthro Dillon Green   Vincent McKeown  
Jack Healy Jon Raskind   Adams McKinnon
Frank Hillhouse Will Trail   Rory Schmidt
Adrian Tran Ralph Woekel   Jaden Sousa
Red Yellow   Green 
Jake Lane Beckett Reap     Drew Finch
Nic Coella Liam Bradley   Trevor Foley
Sam Cooper Tyler Clements   Seba Gonzalez
Tyler Hoover Francois Comparone-Barre   Zach Guillou
Max Mello Jeremy Laliberty   Kyle Khraibi
Thomas Murphy Josh O’Connor   Mattias Larsen
Mike O’Donnell Tristan Vincent   Max Passen
Sam Spinney Keegan Wehrwein   Jason Richard
      Finn Whelan




Rec League Coordinator:

Gary Gorski